Klaas Jonkman

Ik ben klaas hoi hoi



The profound Dutch Disco-duo SHMLSS asked me to design their LP for their third release on their new XXX label:

''This record is pure Italian craftsmanship and brought to you by Mushrooms Project & Almunia
Expect dark balearic summer vibes all over this one. 
Fellow countrymen Daniele Baldelli & Dionigi gave ‘Arena Raindrops’ a cosmic makeover.
Artwork coverage comes from the north of The Netherlands where Klaas Jonkman was inspired by the Rupicola Peruvianus to paint the cover of this record.''

Well here it is: The cover I did for SHMLSS 3rd release on the XXX label.

Front cover

On the front cover I decided to put an Oil Painting of mine of the south American bird called Rupicola Peruvianus. Or '' the Cock on the Rock''


Back Cover

To compromise with the colourful front, I made a more classical drawing of this inspiring orange Tropical bird.



And for the Inner-label I let the birds-eye open to fall in the middle of the record. 



Here is also the Mixtape I did for the XXX-Label during the release. 
Enjoy the Moody Tunes